Moores Rowland Philippines Welcomes VEJ Accounting and Tax Services as its Newest Independent Member Firm

Moores Rowland Philippines & Co. welcomes VEJ Accounting and Tax services joining MRP & Co’s network of independent member firms last February 14, 2020. The contract signing was held at the Philippine Stock Exchange, West Tower, 20th floor, 2005B NBT room of Moores Rowland Philippines.

The certificate of membership was granted and awarded by the Managing Partner, Neil Sison, Operations Head -Partner, Aiza Camua, Partner, Myra Oliva, Senior Manager for Business Development, Gina Viajandre, and
Program Head of Professionals of the Future, Beverly Buenconsejo-Lape

As an Independent Member, the firm can now enjoy a variety of resources and business opportunities such as Network and Marketing, professional training, brand strength, benchmarking, access to affiliate products and services, discounts on products and services, updates and outsourcing and resourcing of non-expertise.

Mr. Vangre is an experienced bookkeeper, consultant and auditor. He has already handled several clients like Manufacturing companies, BPO companies, Food and Beverages companies, etc. He always believes that no matter how small the client is, you must always give the quality service that is being expected that will leave the latter satisfied and elated. Currently, he is already on the process of getting accreditations and other certifications that will improve his professional life.

The firm’s Vision is to:

•That in the near future, all the business owners, partnerships and corporations here in the Philippines will feel more secure and comfortable with their business knowing that they have a reliable partner for the orderliness and continuous success of their businesses.

And their Mission is to:

• To give a start to end help to the owners, partnerships and corporations in order for them to meet their plans and goals through proper compliance with the different regulatory agencies (government or government owned) and proper implementation and adherence to the accounting rules, principles and ethics here in the country.

Moores-Rowland Philippines & Co. (MRP & Co.)  is a member firm of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific. It  is one of the top group of professional firms in the Philippines and a  general professional partnership providing various professional services including but not limited to merger and acquisitions, business valuations and appraisal, sustainability and environmental audit, bank and financial services information systems audit, sales and marketing, creative designs, software development, IT services, recruitment, human resources, paralegal, business registration and visa applications, trainings and network membership  

Moores Rowland Philippines & Co., under SJC-NBT Group, MRP & Co. has four (4)  affiliated companies, Aktus (an IT Firm) and i4one (a sales, marketing and training firm) and Sison Corillo Parone& Co. (SCP-a top accounting firm in the Philippines), and Professionals of the Future Institute.

MRP & Co., with its best effort, is helping businesses by its continuous quality service and by helping businesses expand their networks.

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